Call for participants to form a panel on Creative Writing in Asia at the 15th English in Southeast Asia Conference (Macao)

For those who are creative writers and educators, please contact Cha contributor and former guest editor Nicholas Y. B. Wong if you are interested in forming a panel with him on creative writing in Asia at The 15th English in Southeast Asia Conference, to be held at University of Macao (9-11 December, 2010). The organising comittee has extended the call for submission to mid-September.

From Nicholas:

I think it’d be interesting for us to share some critical views on the teaching/publishing/promotion of creative writing in English in relation to other bigger ideas, such as (post)colonialism, diaspora, race, cultures and identities.

To learn more about the conference, please visit their website: Interested parties should contact Nicholas Y.B. Wong at

See Nicholas Y.B. Wong’s ChaΒ profile.

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