Wolfnotes exhibition

From the Wolfnotes website:
Wolfnotes is an exhibition that reflects upon the relations between literature and the other arts. 6 local and Singapore-based artists were invited to respond creatively to the writings of Singaporean authors published by firstfruits publications. Using image and sound to articulate their responses to words, these artists embody the ways in which literary works move us to feel, to think, to wonder, and to invent. The artists are Ernest Chan, Khiew Huey Chian, Joyce Beetuan Koh, John Stewart Jackson, Susie Wong, Ye Shufang. The authors they chose: Boey Kim Cheng, Madeleine Lee, Enoch Ng, Daren Shiau, Yeo Wei Wei, Yong Shu Hoong.

Daren Shiau’s prose poems have been published in issue #5 of Cha.

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